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About Standardbreds 

Iowa Harness Racing 


Difference between a pacer and trotter 

Hambletonian Trotting Race (1940) 

Fastest Horse – U.S.A (1938)


Harness Racing Equipment 

Evolution of the Sulky 

How to hang hobbles 

How to hook the sulky 

How to bridle


From the Starting Gate 

Harness Racing from the Starting Car


Health & Healing 

Lasix and Racehorses 

Castrating a Horse 

How to Clean a Sheath 

Byron Reid and Associates 

Surgery on a horse 

Equine Rehab Center 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Signs of “tying up” vs of colic 

Magnetic therapy 

Back on Track Collection 

Vet examination 

Sweating knees and hocks

Tying-up first aid



Jimmy Takter interview with Conny Svensson shoeing a Uncle Peter, a world record holding Standardbred 

Tony Avenatti shoeing for Tony Alagna at Sunshine Meadows in Delray Beach, FL


Horse racing Integrity Act #1 

Horse Racing Integrity Act #2

Training A Harness Horse

Getting A Horse Ready 

Water horse walker

Water horse walker

Horse Exerciser 

Racehorse underwater (really cool)


Tim & Loveda at Sunshine Meadows Training Center 

The Finleys