A List of Fractional Partnerships

Presented by Tim Finley (sometimes referred to as the PARTNERSHIP CZAR)

In alphabetical order. The information we have provided has been ascertained from websites and Facebook, and it is accurate to the best of our knowledge. If you know of any corrections or additions, we would appreciate you advising us accordingly, so we can make the appropriate revisions. This is being presented for the information of prospective investors.

There are many fractional ownerships popping up, which will benefit our industry/sport, but potential investors/owners should implement their due-diligence.

NOTE: This information is being provided as a service, so please refrain from leaving any of your positive or negative comments.


  1. 1. BLINDSWITCH RACING STABLE. They have a Facebook presence. Created by David Litvinsky, Blindswitch Racing Stable possesses a stable of about 30 horses. After achieving success in the claiming game, Litvinsky turned his attention to importing horses from Australia and New Zealand. He realized an average horse Down Under could be a good horse in the United States and a top horse from the Southern Hemisphere could be superior when brought stateside.
  2. 2. BRIGHT FUTURE RACING – Formed in October 2018 by Ryan Clements, who has been in the harness racing sport most of his life. His first purchase is a yearling Kadabra filly named Jayport Luba in the 2018 London sale. Mr. Clements will sell as little as 1% to each investor for $181.27 Canadian, plus the proportionate share of each months training bill. This great looking filly will be stabled and trained at Prince Lee Acres. Mr. Clements has a presence on Facebook, plus his email is [email protected].
  3. 3. DEE HOTTON STABLE  (www.deehottonstoable.com) The stable has a presence on Facebook. According to her extensive website, Dee’s Stable is located at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, 100 Vanover Street, Wooster, OH 44691. She has been training since 1991. (As of 9/02/18 – Do not see any partnership horses on her website)
  4. 4. DREAM CATCHER RACING  (www.dreamcatcherracing.com) The stable has a presence on Facebook. According to their website, they race in Ohio. They have approximately four horses, and several methods of participation. They have a feature, which gives their 2018 score card and is very helpful in decision making. We believe the manager is Ken Hamilton. Created in 2016, and located in Kingston, Ohio. Trainers are Aaron and Ken Hamilton.
  5. 5. ELTZROTH RACING LLC (www.eltzrothracing.com). No presence on Facebook. The website appears to be limited, but states “our harness racing partnership has a interest young stakes caliber horses and quality breeding stock. The goal: have as much fun as possible and to WIN THE JUG!” The managing partner is Bill Eltzrotz. We think they are located in Ohio.
  6. 6. FIRST TURN STABLES (https://www.facebook.com/firstturnstable). This is a unique way to experience being an owner without spending a lot of money and is limited to Indiana residents. For further information, contact Amanda Gaskin at Hoosier Park.
  7. 7. FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP STABLES (https://fractionalownershipstables.com) Mark and Amy Hetherman – Father/Daughter Managers, Owners, and Experts. Bob and Scott Young – Father/Son Owners, Trainers, and Driver, from Guelph, Ontario. Robert “Bob” Young has been an owner/trainer of harness racehorses for nearly 40 years. During his years of owning and training, Bob has won more than $12 million for his owners. He has trained horses to win the Breeders Crown, multiple Grand Circuit stakes and regional Sires Stakes. Scott has wanted to be a harness driver his entire life, jogging his first horse at 11 years old. On January 14th, 2010 Scott made his driving debut in five qualifiers at Mohawk Racetrack. In 2012, he set the track record at Hanover Raceway with Secret Weapon. Last year Scott won in excess of $1.2 Million in purses with 176 wins. He was able to drive Goldstar Badlands to 9 Preferred wins at Western Fair Raceway making him “Older Pacer of the Year” and “Horse of The Year” at that racetrack.
  8. 8. FUNKY MUNKY STABLE (www.funkymunkystable.com). The stable has a presence on Facebook. Funky Munky has a very complex website and it appears they offer both, Thoroughbred and Standardbred partnerships. We apologize that the complexity of the website caused us to be confused regarding specifics. That is not a reflection on them but a short-coming of ours. Hopefully, we can provide you with more information.
  9. 9. HOLD THE LINE STABLE (www.holdthelinestable.com). The stable has a presence on Facebook. I have had the pleasure of communicating with the managing partner, Jason Petri, who appears to very enthusiastic. They also have a newsletter to which I subscribe. They are located in Washington, PA. Their trainer is Tim Twaddle. You can become involved with as little as 1%. Currently, they have 2 two-year-olds, but I believe they may be looking for a claimer or condition horse.
  10. 10. HORSE PLAY RACING STABLE (www.horseplayracingstable.com). The stable has a presence on Facebook. They are located in Grove City, Ohio. The program manager is Jessica Schroeder and we believe the trainers to be Dan Ater, Hugh Beatty, Ryan Miller, and Virgil Morgan, Jr. When I first began to correspond with Jessica, I was impressed with her prompt, professional, and friendly reply. She informed me that they are planning to add to their stable, which currently owns several horses, one trained by Paul Kelley. That horse is one of the French imported trotters, and his name is Akhenaton.
  11. 11. LANDMARK RACING (www.landmarkracing.com). From what I have been able to ascertain, Howard Pearce is the managing partner. I sent the following in a FB message on September 24 but have received no reply. “Hi Howard, I just posted your video on our group, Harness Racing Partnership Community. We also recently launched a website www.partnershipczar.com. Tim” I am not sure about what is going on as of 10/9/18. For more information, contact Howard Pearce, email: [email protected] or phone: 613-484-3119.
  12. 12. PLACEYOURBETTSTABLE – I sent them a message and received the following from a member of the Betts family: “We don’t really have the administrative capacity to be a true fractional stable although billing structure is much the same. Flat fee, unless something pretty big comes up. We are willing to take on smaller percentage owners. It just has to be a good fit.” The grandfather is RG Betts, who is well-known as a trainer. Apparently, Andy Betts manages on behalf of the stable.
  13. 13. ROOSEVELT RACEWAY FRACTIONAL HORSE OWNERSHIP (https://rrtrotting.com/rr-fractional-ownership). The Roosevelt Raceway fractional Horse ownership group was founded by longtime horsemen Freddie Hudson and Randy B. Lee. Together, they have a combined 60 plus years in the business and they bring their passion and knowledge to form a one-of-a-kind fractional ownership group. The Roosevelt Raceway fractional horse ownership group is looking for participation from former owners, trainers and most importantly FANS of the ½ mile legendary oval. We are looking to attend the Lexington Mixed and Harrisburg Sales to purchase a solid young race horse to campaign at the Meadowlands Racetrack and Pompano Park. On “race night,” we are looking to having dinner with our owners and share memories of The World Capital of Harness Racing while we cheer on our trotter or pacer….and maybe cash a ticket or two. This is all about FUN!!! If you are looking to purchase as little as 1% or as much 50% you will be part of a very unique and exciting ownership group. In our group, EVERYONE has a say and EVERYONE’S opinion matters in the success of the stable. As we move forward in selecting our trainers, we will look to provide a “flat fee” for training services every month. We want our ownership group to be able to pick up the phone at any time and call Randy or Freddie with any questions or concerns. We consider ourselves and our partners family and the success of the group relies heavily on good phone communication and of course email. email: [email protected] or Call Freddie @ 631/896-9838 or Randy @ 352/406-0463/
  14. 14. STAKE YOUR CLAIM STABLE (https://www.facebook.com/Stake-Your-Claim-Stable-116447911711046). That is the only information we were able to ascertain.
  15. 15. SUMMER FLING RACING TEAM ( https://www.facebook.com/SummerFlingRacingTeam ) I received the following after I contacted them inquiring about their program. “The one percent is just for the summer. It is super temporary. Like $100 and no training bill. And at the end of the summer, the horse goes back to its owner. You’ve owned horses in partnerships before correct? I’d suggest finding a trainer here and seeing if we can figure out a partnership that way! We can definitely help with that. Plus, the Summer Fling horses sold out in about a day this year, so there’s no more shares available for them unfortunately.”
  16. 16. TEAGUE RACING PARTNERSHIPS LLC. (www.teagueracingpartnershipllc.com). They have a limited Facebook presence only pointing viewer to the website. The General Manager is Jim Bernstein and his address is 7909 Dorchester Rd, Boynton Beach, FL, 33472 and the trainer is George Teague, Jr., most well-known as the trainer of Wiggle It Jiggleit. The training farm is located in Harrington, Delaware.
  17. 17. THESTABLE.CA (www.thestable.ca). They have a Facebook presence. The managing partners are Anthony & Amy MacDonald, 65 Moffatt Lane, Guelph, ON. NOTE: We have been involved in several of their yearlings (now two-year-olds). This new-comer is the brain child of Anthony and Amy, a husband/wife team, who in 2017 purchased over 50 modestly priced yearlings that have been and are being trained under the auspices of Anthony, sometimes referred to as AMac. He has been in the Standardbred business since childhood. A great percentage of these yearlings have been qualified and are ready to race. Anthony and Amy have also been very successful with including the owners in the day-to-day progress of the horses and also creating special social events for owners and potential owners. An intriguing feature of their website is that you can buy or sell a portion of a horse with the click of a mouse via your computer. Anthony’s operation is extremely high tech, utilizing drones for live Saturday training sessions during the winter, YouTube, Twitter, emails, texts, cell phone. He answers all inquiries so quickly that we sometimes wonder when he sleeps.
  18. 18. VIP INTERNET STABLE, LLC. (www.vipstable.com). They have a Facebook presence. NOTE: We became involved in the partnerships 5 years ago and have been partners in dozens of their horses. Their address is PO Box 701, Durham, NC 27702. VIP advertises they are the #1 Harness Racing Partnership in the U.S.A. and its managing partners are Tom Janes and Ed O’Conner. They use the services of multiple trainers. VIP’s portfolio consists of yearlings, claimers, condition horses and stakes horses. They also have a very nice website.
  19. 19. WINNERS CIRCLE RACING (www.winnerscircleracing.net). They have a Facebook presence. NOTE: We recently acquired a percentage of one of the French trotters, “Verdi d’Em,” purchased by the partners. The partnership was established in March 2015 by Charlie Longo and Matt Zuccarello: both U.S. Trotting Association Driving School graduates and amateur harness drivers. Their paths crossed at the Yonkers Raceway barn of trainer Dennis Laterza and their shared passion for harness racing evolved into a partnership in the form of a fractional ownership group. The address is Winners Circle Racing, 41 Hopper St, Pleasantville, NY 10570. The trainers are Dennis J. Laterza (Yonkers and Meadowlands), Marcus Marashian (The Meadows). They have six horses currently being trained. The Winners Circle Managing Partners have been exceptionally proficient communicators with us regarding the horses they currently own and the horses they plan to add to their portfolio. Charlie and Matt are exceptional when including the partners in the day-to-day progress of the horses. Also, they are very good at creating social events for owners and potential owners at the barn and at the track.