Suggested Reading

The following are books, magazines, websites, or web-based materials suggested for educational purposes and for entertainment. Of course, with the introduction of YouTube, one can enter key words into the search bar and spend hours and days learning, as well as being entertained. However, there are still books obtainable for those who like to read, underline, highlight, and periodically reference.

Hoofbeats Magazine

The Care and Training of the Trotter and Pacer
I doubt if there is any one book used more by trainers than the first edition of this well-written book. I purchased mine in the early 70’s and still have it, and periodically use it when looking for a solution to a training problem. The first edition is out of print. The second edition, The New Care & Training of the Trotter & Pacer is available via the USTA website (click on USTA, Publications, Care and Training of the Trotter and Pacer).

Rambling Willie: The Horse that God Loved, 1981, by Donald P Evans

SUPER BIRD: The Story of Albatross, by Donald P Evans

BIG BUM: The Story of Bret Hanover

Adios: The Big Daddy of Harness Racing